Magnetotherapy in Norway

Magnetotherapy is a physiotherapy procedure wherein the body is presented to a low-frequency magnetic field. The cells and colloidal frameworks of the body contain ions that can be impacted by magnetic forces. At the point when tissue is presented to beat attractive fields, a frail electric flow is incited that enacts all cells that are exposed to it.

Treatement of tissue with the help of a magnetic field with selected parameters results in an increase in the activity of the cell surface, further increasing its membrane potential, which allows to achieve a complete balance of intracellular potential.

Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields:

  • A pulsed magnetic field reduces the transmission of painful sensations from nerve to the central nervous system, further reducing pain (thereby acting as an analgesic).
  • Permeability of the cell membrane, it affects metabolism and allows faster absorption of swelling (anti-edematous effect). It also helps in the healing of bone fractures as well as in open wounds of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with an evident anti-inflammatory effect, both for acute and chronic inflammations.
  • In few minutes, it dilates the blood vessels of the affected area and improves blood circulation .
  • Relieves stress on the musculoskeletal condition.
  • Strengthens the immune system .
  • Balances the nervous system.

Magnetic field’s pulses penetrate evenly into the body tissue, so the patient does not need to take off his clothes. It can also penetrate through plasters. Metal implants do not pose any problem, since they are not currently ferromagnetic.

Magnetotherapy treatment

We have the Super Inductive System, the most powerful and effective magnetotherapy today. This system generates a high-intensity electromagnetic field. When undergoing this treatment the patient will only notice a series of muscle contractions. The super inductive machine has a biostimulant effect (regenerator of both bone and muscle tissues) and a powerful analgesic effect that can be noticed from the first session.

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